St Thomas Church Winchelsea

Winchelsea Cellar Tours 2014

A tour round the historic medieval cellars of Winchelsea led by the Winchelsea Archaeological Society.

Tours cost £5 a head and start at 2pm at Castle Street and last 90 minutes. Guidebooks are provided . To book a place call 01797 224446 or email

Tours are run on the following dates:

April: Sun 20th,

May: Sun 4th and Sat 24th

June: Sat 7th, Sun 15th

July: Sat 5th and Sun 13th

August: Sat 2nd, Sun 10th, Sun 24th

Sept: Sat 6th, Sun 14th and Sat 20th

Oct: Sat 4th and Sun 12th

Further information can be found at