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Capturing a swarm of bees!

Our hive of honey bees has been hard at work since early Spring and we have given them some more room to expand by adding a ‘super’ to the National hive. But this may not have been enough as today, they swarmed. Luckily I was going up to Rye Bay Cottage to deliver the new teddy bears that had just more »

Building a Bed and Breakfast -We are open!

It was touch and go but we finally opened before the Easter break! The final installation of the bathrooms was the delay in finishing as the plumbing and tiling took longer than expected. The painting of the interior walls was another mammoth job that was finished at the last minute, especially the red of the hallway but it all got more »

Charity row from Brighton to London

A young man has just pitched up on our doorstep loking for a place to pitch his tent. He is rowing around the South Coast to raise money for Auspergers/Autism Charities and started from Brighton two weeks ago in a sea goiing Kayak. Finding the sea a bit rough around Hastings he diverted onto the Royal Military Canal and stopped more »