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Bee Friendly Zone

How great would it be if you could set up your own bee friendly zone. How about making Winchelsea a bee friendly zone, as it is already partly surrounded by organically farmed land and is full of wonderful gardens with flowers. see: http://www.biobees.com/beefriendlyzone/index.php

Honey Harvest started

We have taken the first two ‘supers’ off the Strand House hive and sent them away to get the honey extracted. Looking forward to our own honey in a few days time. Later in the year we will get some comb honey from the ‘eco’ hive. All the hives have had hard working bees this year and so we are more »

Capturing a swarm of bees!

Our hive of honey bees has been hard at work since early Spring and we have given them some more room to expand by adding a ‘super’ to the National hive. But this may not have been enough as today, they swarmed. Luckily I was going up to Rye Bay Cottage to deliver the new teddy bears that had just more »