Capturing a swarm of bees!

Our hive of honey bees has been hard at work since early Spring and we have given them some more room to expand by adding a ‘super’ to the National hive. But this may not have been enough as today, they swarmed. Luckily I was going up to Rye Bay Cottage to deliver the new teddy bears that had just arrived and saw a huge cloud of bees around the laurel hedge. So I called Cathy Pope, our resident beekeeper and Kevin and we set off in pursuit. You can see how we did below:

They were in a very easy spot and we were able to re-capture them without much trouble. We put the swarm into the new eco-hive – a KENYAN TOP BAR HIVE – which is supposed to reduce stress on the bees and help them live a more natural life. I built this over the winter out of left over bits from the building site.