Building a Bed and Breakfast – Tuesday 18th January 2011

Two days of torrential rain have soaked the ground so that it is completely water-logged. Just in time for the arrival of our mini-digger to dig a trench to contain the new water main and the service duct to carry all the cabling from the main house to the cottage. So we dug the trench starting at the top of the hill and as it started to fill with water, it ran down hill like a miniature river in a very pretty fashion. As fast as we laid the pipe in the trench it sank beneath the muddy water. We managed to lay the new water main and fill in the trench as best we could, working by flood-lights and get finished by dinner time.
The work is going on inside the cottage as well with the stud work going up and interior walls starting to go up as well. All the electrics, fire equipment and plumbing have all completed their first fix and the acoustic walls and floor are all finished as well. The next job is to add to the wall and ceiling insulation to make sure the house is nice and warm.