Building a Bed and Breakfast – Second Fixing – lots of progress

Things have been going well at Rye Bay over the last couple of weeks. After the big flood and the extra work in ripping out the sodden floor, we have made real progress. Last week we got all the patio door and windows put in and then Mary had organised a company to come in to insulate the cavity walls. They drilled holes in the walls and filled them with lots of tiny silver balls which all stick together so that the whole lot does not shift and settle. That finished the insulation of the building which now feels much warmer even though it is only heated by the workmen’s lights. After that it was just a case of a week of plastering. This is a crucial stage in any building project as it means that you have finished knocking hell out of the building and any changes after this are going to be expensive.

But lets be clear what “doing the plastering” means. It is two guys, one on top of a scaffold working well above his head, shoulder muscles burning, trying to produce a perfectly flat and smooth fininsh on a ceiling/wall that is full of lumps and bumps. Meanwhile the other guy is downstairs with a big drill with a paddle on the end, trying to mix to exactly the right consistency, about 300kg of plaster (that is about the same size as a small car) without getting covered in it, splattering all the walls with plaster spray and generally having a miserable time trying to keep up with the guy upstairs.

Anyway it s all done now and the plumber and ‘sparks’ and in fitting radiators, lights, plugs and all the other thngs onto the newly plastered walls. Mary is going mad buying light fittings and has started muttering about Type 46 fittings under her breath. The other problem has been the bathroom door upstairs as we have ordered 4 from a major builders merchant and they are all 40mm shorter than it says on the packet! Even when they checked in the warehouse, all their stock was the same so it must be a whole production run. This means that we shall have to make a door from scratch as the delivery time from the other warehouse is 6 weeks. But at least all the bathroom fittings, such as taps, showers and toilets have all arrived safely, except the toilet which arrived cracked. That is the fourth toilet we have ordered in the last few months that has arrived with a chunk missing out of it!