Building a Bed and Breakfast – 11th February 2011

Again it has been raining! Every time we have had to work outside on this project, the heavens have opened and the water has just poured down. Last week Mick and Tom opened up the wall, propped up the roof with ackro props and cut through the block work with a heavy duty cutter. Fine weather planned for all week according to the BEEB. So the boys opened up another wall so that they could install the new patio doors. Big mistake, the weather gods looked down and jus t could not resist the temptation. It rained and rained for days!

Anyway we got the window frame in, the the wind was driving the rain in through the open patio door hole and so that had to be closed up with a tarp and a couple of pallets. The boys spent a day indoors repairing a sink that got broken last weekend.

The mystery of the broken sink

Last weekend some friends took the whole house for a birthday party over the weekend. In the middle of breakfast there was an almighty crash and what had happened was that the GLASS shelf had dropped off the wall and knocked the corner off the hand wash basin in the Marsh View room. But the shelf was intact!!!???? Basin was in two large bits.  Oh well c’est la guerre! Ordered a new one on Monday and the boys fitted it on Thursday – took all afternoon but then it is such a fiddly house to work in being 600 years old does not help!